Welcome to The University of Edinburgh Geographical Society!


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GeogSoc Committee 2017-2018

Welcome to GeogSoc! Our aim is to enhance the Geographical Community of Edinburgh University by strengthening friendships between Geography-minded students.

We do this through hosting an abundance of social events, sports teams, a coffee shop and regular talks hosted by the Royal Scottish Geographical Society (RSGS) and the Hutton Club. EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

We provide our members with a variety of social events including Pub Quizzes and Crawls, Academic Families, Ceilidhs, and of course, the unforgettable Annual Spring Ball!

We prepare our members for their future careers. We look to improve the employability of our members, providing access to networking events with companies and organisations eager to sponsor us. As Geography is a uniquely diverse discipline, we endeavour to allow our students to access all potential fields ranging from private to public to third sector organisations.

We look to enrich the academic interests of our members through our affiliation with the RSGS. Our dedicated committee endeavour to promote and cooperate with world-leading researchers participating in the Hutton Club and RSGS lectures allowing our members to continually improve their breadth of knowledge.

GeogSoc is run by fun-loving members from all years, who have a passion for everything Geography related. You’ll often find a committee member or two at Drummond, feel free to ask us about the committee or upcoming events.